Is Lakewood Ranch, FL a Good Place to Live?

941 Team|October 12, 2023
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With its picturesque landscapes and rich history, Lakewood Ranch has become one of the most sought-after communities in Florida. But what makes it so special? Let’s embark on a journey to discover this stunning locale's unique charm and beauty.

A Peek into the Past: The Legacy of Lakewood Ranch

Nestled in both Eastern Manatee & Sarasota County, this vast expanse covering 31,000 acres was once known as the Schroeder-Manatee Ranch. However, in 1994, the land transformed, marking its evolution from a vast agricultural expanse to a vibrant residential community. Today, it stands as a testament to Florida's ability to blend its rich history with modernity.

The Heartbeat of Florida: The People of Lakewood Ranch

Imagine a place where the laughter of children mingles with the wise tales of elders, where families grow and friendships flourish. With around 35,000 residents, Lakewood Ranch pulses with life. From the passionate voices of baby boomers to the energetic spirit of the Gen X and the ambitious dreams of Millennials, the Ranch resonates with diverse stories and experiences. Its reputation as the best-selling community in Florida in 2021, recognized by RCL & Co., is a testament to its growth and the trust and love people have bestowed upon it.

Living the Good Life: Amenities at Your Doorstep

For residents of Lakewood Ranch, every day is a vacation. The heart of the Ranch boasts a bustling town center where local artisans and shopkeepers greet you with a smile. Here, shopping isn't just a chore, it's an experience. The myriad dining options promise a gastronomic journey from the comforts of home. For families, the promise of top-rated schools ensures their children receive the best. And after a day's work or study, the parks and hiking trails beckon, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle.

Finding Your Home: The Localities of Lakewood Ranch

Every corner of Lakewood Ranch has its own story to tell. From the peaceful streets of Arbor Grande to the vibrant community vibes in Waterside, there's a place for everyone. Places like Bridgewater and Central Park ooze charm, while localities like Cresswind and 55+ Del Webb offer the promise of a fresh start. For those who cherish legacy, Edgewater Village and Esplanade stand as timeless classics, while Greenbrook represents the modern spirit of the Ranch.

Among these, some neighborhoods stand out:
  • Polo Run: Here, homes glow with energy harnessed from the sun, mirroring the sustainable aspirations of its residents.
  • Savanna: It's where nature lovers find solace, with wetlands and wooded conservation areas acting as a sanctuary for flora and fauna.
  • The Lake Club: A name synonymous with luxury, this community offers homes that aren't just built but crafted, many boasting breathtaking lakefront views.

The Golden Investment: Cost of Living in Lakewood Ranch

The architectural beauty of Lakewood Ranch is evident in its homes. Most of the houses here have foundations laid between the 1990s and 2010s, each echoing the era's unique style. Whether you're looking for a cozy nest or a sprawling mansion, the Ranch has homes that fit every budget, from as modest as $200 to the luxurious ones valued at $3 million. And for those wondering about the average, the median home cost stands proudly at approximately $178,000, a testament to the Ranch's commitment to luxury and affordability.

Sun and Seasons: The Weather in Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch offers more than just a geographical location; it's a feeling, a climate that speaks to the heart. Imagine waking up to year-round pleasant weather, where the sky paints myriad colors and the air feels just right. Summertime in the Ranch is particularly mild with an average temperature of around 50°F, making it perfect for those long, leisurely walks and picnics under the sun. However, like every good story, the Ranch has its moments of drama, with the rainy season stretching from July through September, adding a touch of freshness and life to the already verdant landscapes.

Beyond the Ranch: Entertainment and Activities

The heartbeat of the Ranch is its vibrant social scene. While the serenity and calm are always welcome, the proximity to Bradenton and Sarasota ensures that entertainment is just a short drive away. Main Street is the crown jewel, buzzing with activity, local events, and that unique blend of old-world charm with modern conveniences. The local parks offer a green haven for kids and adults alike, while the University Park Country Club promises luxury and elegance.

Finding Your Purpose: Employment in Lakewood Ranch

Dreams flourish in Lakewood Ranch, not just in the hearts of its residents but also in its diverse job market. With Bradenton, Sarasota, and Tampa within reach, opportunities abound. Retail and food sectors dominate, providing avenues for both employment and entrepreneurship. The essence of the Ranch is its adaptability, its ability to provide for every dream, big or small.

Facilities: The Pillars of Lakewood Ranch Life

At its core, the Ranch offers facilities that turn houses into homes and neighborhoods into communities:
  • Schools: Institutions like Braden River Elementary, Braden River Middle, and Lakewood Ranch High ensure academic excellence. For those seeking alternative curriculums, Saint Stephens School, Out of Door Academy and The Classical Academy of Sarasota offer unique perspectives on education.

  • Medical Care: The health and wellbeing of residents is a top priority. With providers like Lakewood Ranch Medical Center and Lakewood Ranch Medical Care, plus many independant specialist offices, world-class healthcare is always accessible.

  • Daily Needs: Shopping for essentials becomes an experience at places like UTC Mall, Gateway North Plaza and Lorraine Corners Plaza.

  • Passion Pursuits: For golf enthusiasts, 50+ golf courses within 20 miles including Lakewood National Golf Club, Esplanade Golf & Country Club, & The Concession GC are more than just courses; they're sanctuaries.

  • Employment Hubs: Companies like Gold Coast Eagle Distributing, Trinet USA, and FCCI Insurance stand as pillars of the local economy, offering varied opportunities for the residents.

  • Hubs of Activity: Town Centers such as Main Street Town Center and Waterside Town Center ensure there's never a dull moment in the Ranch.
Living in Lakewood Ranch isn't just about owning a house; it's about becoming a part of a legacy, a story that began with the Schroeder-Manatee Ranch. It's about waking up to the chirping of birds and coming home to a community that feels like family. It's a promise of a life surrounded by nature, luxury, and memories waiting to be made.

For those yearning for a place that offers the warmth of a small town and the amenities of a modern city, Lakewood Ranch awaits. Dive deeper into the enchanting world of the Ranch and discover more about what makes it the heart of Florida here.

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